Information on MRPA Basketball Tournament Program:

There will be no 2024 Basketball State Tournament

MRPA provides adult basketball teams the opportunity to participate in both a state post-season tournament. Teams participate in state-of-the-art facilities with qualified officials. There is a two-game guarantee for tournament play.

I. Registration Procedures:

A community’s league director is the liaison between the basketball teams and MRPA. The league director receives all registration forms and other information from MRPA and is responsible for completing all forms and distributing pertinent information to all league teams.

  1. The director should first assign classifications to all teams in the league, bearing in mind reclassification procedures.
  2. The next step is to complete the MRPA team registration form(s) and return with the $18 sanctioning fee to MRPA.
  3. Following the registration of teams, MRPA will make available to the league director and teams, the following materials and services:
  • The opportunity (upon qualification) to compete in the state tournament.
  • Accessibility to and the services of MRPA state rules interpreters.
  • The opportunity to have representation and input into the MRPA Recreational Sports Commission, the 11-member governing body of adult sports in Minnesota.
  • Direction from, organization of, and accessibility to the MRPA State Program Director.
  • The services of qualified game officials.
  • All league mailings.

II. Team Rosters:

  1. Team rosters must be on file with a community’s local recreation department by the first game.
  2. Leagues not run by MRPA-member recreation departments must submit their rosters directly to MRPA. 
This also applies to independent teams.
  3. No roster changes may be made after February.

III. Entry Fees:

Note: There will be no 2024 Basketball State Tournament

Thank you league directors and participants for supporting MRPA events!

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